Currently, I'm an integral part of the dynamic team at CWS Technology, where I serve as a Business Development Executive. My role involves shaping and executing strategies that not only facilitate business expansion but also forge meaningful partnerships within the technology sector. In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead of trends is paramount, and my passion for research allows me to uncover opportunities that others might miss.


  • Strategy: I excel in crafting and implementing strategies aligned with business objectives, fostering growth.
  • Research: Leveraging my research capabilities, I unearth insights that drive innovation and inform decision-making.
  • English: Proficient in harnessing language to communicate ideas, build connections, and bridge gaps in the global business landscape.


Renu Punny 🚀 Business Development Executive (BDE)

📍 Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

🔗 LinkedIn Profile

I’m thrilled to connect with professionals who share my passion for technology and business development. As a dedicated Business Development Executive at CWS Technology, I excel in crafting strategic approaches that drive growth and foster innovation. With a solid foundation in Computer Science and a knack for research, I’ve honed a unique skill set that empowers me to navigate the dynamic tech landscape.

🎓 Education

I pursued my Master’s degree in Information Technology with a focus on Computer Science from the prestigious Govt. Bikram College of Commerce, Patiala. During my academic journey, I not only honed my technical skills but also developed proficiency in the English language. This foundation has proven pivotal in my career, enabling effective communication and strategic planning.

🌟 Vision

My commitment lies in contributing to the evolution of the technology industry. By remaining at the forefront of trends, nurturing meaningful partnerships, and continually challenging the status quo, I aim to drive positive change and growth within both my organization and the broader tech community.

Feel free to connect with me if you share my enthusiasm for technology, strategic thinking, and professional growth. Let’s collaborate, learn, and achieve remarkable accomplishments together!


Best regards, 

Renu Punny 

Business Development Executive 

CWS Technology

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