Abhishek's dedication to ensuring software quality and his versatile skill set make him an invaluable asset to any testing team. His ability to seamlessly move across different testing dimensions showcases his commitment to delivering top-notch software solutions.


  • Functional Testing Wizardry: Abhishek excels in a wide array of functional testing types including functionality, integration, system, acceptance, smoke, adhoc, exploratory, regression, and compatibility testing.
  • Test Cases Design: Abhishek is skilled in various test case design techniques such as error guessing, equivalence partition, and boundary value analysis. This precision ensures thorough and effective testing.
  • Non-Functional Testing Savvy: Abhishek is well-versed in non-functional testing realms encompassing performance, usability, reliability, and recovery testing, ensuring software excellence beyond features.
  • Test Case Management: Abhishek demonstrates proficiency in writing, reviewing, and executing test cases, alongside expertise in API testing. His attention to detail ensures high-quality deliverables.
  • Defect Management: Abhishek possesses a strong grasp of the defect life cycle, effectively identifying and managing issues to enhance software robustness.


Abhishek: Quality Assurance Specialist


  • MCA
  •  BCA, 
  • 12th, 
  • 10th 

Technical Toolbox:

  • Database Management: Abhishek is adept at handling MySQL database management system, a crucial skill for maintaining data integrity.
  • Operating Systems: He’s comfortable navigating through various operating systems including Windows, Linux, Kali Linux, and iOS, ensuring software compatibility across platforms.
  • Technical Tools: Abhishek is proficient in a range of technical tools such as JMeter, BlazeMeter, Lambda Testing, Postman, Eclipse IDE, BurpSuite, nmap, and Wireshark. These tools empower him to conduct comprehensive testing.
  • Management Tools: Utilizing tools like JIRA, Eclipse IDE, Asana, and Zoho management tool, Abhishek efficiently organizes and tracks testing processes.
  • Language: Java Abhishek’s coding prowess extends to Java, enhancing his ability to contribute to various aspects of software development.

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