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Top 10 Benefits of Hiring Software Developers From India

Posted on December 19, 2022


Top 10 Benefits of Hiring Software Developers From India

India’s rise as a global IT hub is neither new nor surprising. It has always maintained the identity of a progressive nation, open to new ideas and investments. India’s IT sector started growing in the early 2000s. After several decades, almost every global technology company has a branch in India. India’s vast talent pool is one of the most significant reasons for such exponential growth. It includes technology consultants, project managers, testers, and developers. Speaking of the latter, India is one of the world’s most popular destinations for software development. Of course, the country’s developers have the lion’s share. But why are so many companies hiring Indian developers for software development?

India is the largest provider of IT outsourcing services in the world

India is the most digitally advanced country in the world, with 24/7 outsourced services, cutting-edge technology, and specialized IT and software solutions. Indian outsourcing benefits banking, finance, insurance, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, and other sectors.

India has moved from providing outsourcing services to developing cutting-edge software solutions. Our skills and experience are in high demand around the world. In addition to being known in Asia, our outsourcing services are used in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe.

Why choose Indian software developers?

To improve software technology to the next level, many companies from European and American countries are eager to hire software developers in India with more experience. The need for experienced and talented professionals on the western side has made companies to go with outsourcing custom software development. The offshore software development process helps many companies remain highly competitive and can increase their ability to expand their market to different countries.

1. Pool of talent

India has remained at the top regarding its vast pool of skilled and talented human resources. In India, approximately 3.1 million students have added to the workforce annually. It has even prompted significant companies like Google to build a new research and development (R&D) center in the country.

Billion-dollar companies like CISCO, Oracle, and HP have chosen India for outsourcing as it is easy to use talented resources and achieve expected results in quick delivery times.

2. More time to focus on business

Outsourcing software development to Indian companies allows you to use your time and resources to focus on your core business activities. These include sales, accounting, marketing, etc.

Do your research and find a reliable software development company in India that suits your business needs. It will streamline your business operations and improve efficiency and productivity.

3. Proficiency in the local Language

Indian developers are getting a higher level of education to communicate effectively through total interactive media. Regardless of geographical barriers, top Indian developers always find themselves busy finding most of the work. It is also a fact that many companies choose offshore software development companies based on language compatibility.

4. Indian developers are cost-effective

By hiring Indian developers, businesses can reduce their IT spending by 30%. Do you know that the IT hub of India (Bangalore) is 150% cheaper than California’s total cost of living? To conclude, hiring Indian developers means hiring a well-educated and talented pool without compromising your cost analysis.

5. Good attitude toward work

Do you know that more than 1.5 million engineers are produced annually in India?

These engineers have the solid technical knowledge and the right approach to work. Developers from India are not only hardworking, but they also work smart.

They smartly work their way into projects to ensure they innovate and deliver something extra in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). When developers take this approach, companies find themselves in a profitable position.

6. Benefits of time-zone differences

Due to the time difference between other countries and India, software companies of India can work around the clock. Thanks to this, they can submit work on time.

Businesses need projects to be completed before the deadline. If they don’t, they won’t have time to market. Hiring an Indian development company means you can live 24×7. It can be expensive, so it is best suited for large companies.

7. Quality work

Clients may be attracted to Indian companies because of their low prices, but clients stick with them because of their excellent quality. This is why Indian companies hold the number one position in software development.

A reliable Indian development company like ours focuses on delivering the goods and ensures that you get complete assistance at every stage. We guarantee that the software will adapt to changing business needs.

8. Diversity

Indian developers are known for offering multiple services. Considering their large population of young people, you can find a reliable development company that specializes in the following:

  • Mobile application development (Android and iOS)
  • SaaS and web application development
  • React Native development
  • Laravel development
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Blockchain consultancy
  • AI (artificial intelligence) and much more.
9. Flexibility

It is one of the main reasons why businesses hire Indian developers. Because they provide high flexibility, you can hire experts and developers at low prices (within your budget).

10. 24×7 Support

Indian developers can provide their services round the clock. Even though there is a time zone difference, Indian developers are used to working around the clock. You can hire software development companies without worries, as they will work day and night to complete your project.

Wrapping up

Now you know why companies are considering outsourcing to India. Businesses are hiring Indian software developers to witness a huge increase in productivity and profits. And they will also gain a competitive advantage over other competitors. Ultimately, this helps position their business at the heights of the market.

As a reliable Indian development company, CWS Technology has expert developers offering multiple services across the globe. We have helped many startups and scale-ups transform and help their businesses grow.

If you are looking to outsource your software development projects, contact us!

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